hey, welcome to my weekly. hopefully you enjoy it :)

a few notes before you begin:

about the weekly

  • the weekly is all contained within the /supersecretweekly/ directory.

  • no files are hidden (i.e. you do not need to change the url yourself to access a part of the puzzle)

  • nothing is hidden in any file given (i.e. you do not need to look at exif, source code etc.)

  • random hex strings, when used as filenames are not important and are not part of puzzles.

  • the weekly is non-linear (i.e. you can do puzzles in any order you like, however the metapuzzle will be the last thing you solve before completion)

about the puzzles

  • each puzzle page has a check answer box at the top of the page. answers will consist of only letters in the english alphabet, and case does not matter (only letters are checked either way). each answer will take a few seconds to check.

  • some puzzles have checks for intermediary answers. if you have something, submit it and see if it’s correct!

  • puzzles will also mostly have copy to clipboard buttons, which copies all the content of the puzzle for pasting in google sheets, etc.

  • puzzles will save correct answers using localstorage, and can be accessed by viewing the page of a solved puzzle.

about the technicals

  • this weekly is partially quite technical. the puzzles consist of a python script with the output of running the script, where you must try and recover the SECRET_MESSAGE in each case. you can use https://onecompiler.com/python/ to run them if you want. these puzzles are marked as technical, while ordinary puzzles are marked with puzzle.

  • to make this weekly more accessible, most of the technical puzzles have slightly easier versions of them, which act as a stepping stone to solving the actual one. note that these puzzles are completely optional and their answers do not contribute to the metapuzzle.

  • no coding is strictly required to solve the technical puzzles, however it may help speed up the solving process greatly.

about the meta

  • there is a metapuzzle. the metapuzzle will be initally unlocked when you have at least 7 solves (this will be done automatically)

  • the metapuzzle will change slightly based on how many solves you have. the more solves you have, the easier it will be (not only because you have more answers, but slightly more hints will be revealed).

  • only solving the metapuzzle is required to complete the weekly (but i highly encourage you to solve everything if you have the time)

  • the metapuzzle will use the answers from the 10 main puzzles

other stuff

  • please don’t tamper with localstorage as you might break something (and it won’t help you anyway)

  • this page is not a puzzle

  • special thanks to Ronald_D_D and Rafa for vetting + all the feedback and improvements, and weaver for meta + generic pen and paper puzzle images, as well as website colour choices

  • go here to begin!!